Sustainable Lifestyles

Through Agricultural Entrepreneurship 

Southwestern Connections Inc.

What We Do…

Provide Sustainability

Current projects include a multi-faceted start-up in Phoenix, AZ.

Our Sustainable Lifestyle Development Operation will break ground later this year. The structure of this company is broken down into several facets of opportunity.

  • Residential and Commercial Buildings– Fabrication and delivery of steel container based structures.
  • Agricultural Entrepreneurship– The cultivating and distribution of Algae along with other selected specialty crops.
    • Microfarms– Personalized farming opportunities.
    • Agrihoods- Microfarm or co-op based self-sustaining  communities. 

Note: All buildings are steel container based designs.

Who We Are…

An Entrepreneurial Firm

SCI personnel are carefully selected for their unique and diverse backgrounds. Our staff include former military and government employees, entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, experts in information technology, published authors, photographers, and contractors. 

Starting in early 2010 SCI founders set their sights on finding niche opportunities within a wide variety of proven business models. Our team excels in creative problem solving. We help business owners grow from smaller operations into the middle range of scaling rather than encouraging unsustainable growth which often causes failure in business expansion.

green, renewable, self-sustaining


steel container shipping home

Steel Container Structures

We offer affordable, sustainable, relocatable steel constructed buildings. Our strategic architectural partners have developed a wide variety of residential and commercial designs, and they are some of the few true experts in this field.

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A one-of-a-kind business opportunity for those interested in a sustainable income generated from cultivation of algae and other specialized crops. We provide the hands-on support, education, equipment and marketing necessary to allow you to escape the traditional 9-5 way of life.

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Microfarms & Agrihoods

SCI's diverse opportunities incorporated together provide the client their own self-sustaining opportunity. We equip clients with their steel constructed container home, office, workshops, and other support structures. With the inclusion of our off-grid energy solutions this becomes a truly self-sustaining lifestyle.

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sustainable living

Clean, Renewable, and Revolutionary

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low cost, safe, environmental


We build dreams

  • SCI provides container building designs for both residential and commercial sectors.
  • Our proprietary development methods saves the owner nearly half the cost of traditional wood frame/brick and mortar builds.
  • Our buildings qualify for traditional financing. 
  • Our system solves zoning issues with building permits.

Affordable, fast, strong, and green

  • With our simplified construction methods we eliminate wasted material allowing for an average build cost of $85-95/ SQ. FT. 
  • We can fabricate and deliver your building to your site within 5-8 weeks.
  • Containers are designed to survive the worst of disasters, making them more structurally sound than any alternative.
  • Our builds include state of the art amenities such as the SCI comfort climate controlled environment and also the option to add the unrivaled energy saving solar powered by the Tesla Powerwall.

viable, scalable, lucrative



  • SCI is bridging the gap between small sized algae farmers and large scale production facilities by creating a viable and scalable business opportunity that offers the best of both worlds.
  • Using open ponds and closed loop photobioreactor (PBR) systems, clients with 1 or more acres of land dedicated to algae can generate from $40,000 – $200,000 net profit.
  • We will assist in the management and marketing of specific strains of algae for use in the health food industry as well as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, animal feed-stock and more.
  • Specialty crops and livestock include:
    • Greenhouse grown tomatoes, peppers, and other high demand vegetables.
    • Chickens & eggs, tilapia, and alpacas. 

The SCI Agri-Vision for the Future

  • HB 2225 and HB 2226 have paved the way for full scale algae entrepreneurship here in Arizona.
  • SCI’s industrial scale algae operations will generate revenue for small rural communities, farmers, ranchers and other special needs groups.
  • The unrivaled green foot print that algae cultivation leaves behind counters the global CO² crisis, creates an abundance of surrounding O², and in contrast to traditional farming SCI saves water and soil without the need of harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

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