The long painstaking process of building your own home has met its match. Whether you choose from one of our many designs or completely customize your own layout, SCI has the capabilities to build the most modernized cost effective home of your dreams. We can deliver a single 20 foot “tiny home” style dwelling or expand to the ten or more 40 foot container manors. Our homes are built like any other modular pre-fabricated component build, except we use steel shipping containers as our modules. Our homes are prefabricated structures which are considered real estate and so maintain or increase in value over time like a conventional stick-build home. 

Typical manufactured homes (mobile or trailer homes) are considered personal property and so lose value as soon as they are driven off the lot, just like a vehicle. Unlike our homes, their value will continue to decrease over the units lifespan. Many turn to a common housing alternative such as manufactured mobile homes for its easy financing options and speedy move-in solutions. While this may appeal to some consumers, our homes offer a better solution. Our product is green, safer, more manageable, more equitable, and creates more value to the consumer.

By being less expensive than a typical home, our homes bring the prospect of home ownership to nearly everyone in every income range. Traditional construction costs of building a single family dwelling top $125 to $150 dollars per square foot. Our homes only cost $85 to $95 per square foot and we can build and deliver within 5-8 weeks vs. the 6 months that typical contractors need to finish a new home.
Our homes can be financed using traditional mortgage products. When purchasing one of our homes you purchase one complete property. Your mortgage includes everything, not just separate land and an added building. 

Our homes are built only with the most modernized components. SCI brings you state- of-the-art amenities such as our proprietary comfort climate controlled environment, the unrivaled energy saving solar powered Tesla Powerwall, and an abundance of custom in-house options for you to choose from thus bringing your own personal touch to your home.

Our homes are built off-site. Whether the client chooses from one of our many premier designs or they customize their own unique home, the steel constructed home is manufactured off-site in our factory facility. Traditionally, cities and counties require specific building permits to construct a home on a piece of land. Cities and states require code inspection during and after construction.Our houses still require inspection but this is done at the factory, saving the owner time and potentially money. Although the houses total size and dimension may vary from build to build, the size of the shipping containers always remains the same, giving us an expected and fixed metric of development and also minimizes any wasted materials. This simplified turn-key production method is what makes our efficiency and pricing so affordable.

SCI’s utilization of Tesla products has given us the ability to be powered by the Tesla Powerwall. The Tesla Powerwall is a 9.8 kilowatt hour rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control. In layman’s terms, the Powerwall is paired with solar panels on your site. Today, many people need or want to be off grid and this option provides just that and the opportunity to become liberated from traditional utilities. The price point and installation are factored into the total cost of your home, but as for future conventional electric bills, you can kiss them goodbye. The Tesla Powerwall is usually a grid-tide solution which services both on or off-grid needs. 

Over the last few years in the US, there has been a steady increase in imports and a continued decrease in exports. This has resulted in a significant accumulation of shipping containers with no return loads to transport. These deserted containers have nowhere to go and end up sitting on the docks of US trade ports. Companies are forced to sell and get rid of large numbers of these unused containers. This provided a “win-win” opportunity for SCI to recycle these containers by providing our clients the home of their dreams.