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SCI personnel are carefully selected for their unique and diverse backgrounds. As stated in about us, our staff include former military and government employees, entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, experts in information technology, published authors, photographers, contractors, and much more. However, as we move forward with different projects, we are always interested in meeting individuals with talents and skills relevant to our mission. If you would like to work or volunteer with SCI, please use our online application. All information submitted is kept confidential. If accepted, you will be contacted to discuss available positions.

Internship overview


                                                                    PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP


Interns will be involved in a dynamic agricultural entrepreneurship opportunity starting Fall 2018 in Arizona.

Our company’s ultimate vision is to be a leading provider of off grid self-sustaining agri-hoods, a community of individual microfarms that produce algae biomass as well as other crops in greenhouses. The current project is a self-sustaining microfarm proof-of-concept pilot project. Some of the areas of interest to interns are hands on development and maintenance of state-of-the-art greenhouse technology, tiny home structures using shipping containers, off grid solar power and Tesla power packs as well as algae production for the health food industry.


Specific responsibilities include, but my not be limited to:

  • Conduct adequate developmental plans for unique custom photobioreactors that will be used for commercial algae production.
  • Administer hands on construction and perform everyday maintenance of photobioreactors used for commercial algae production.
  • Research external algae based data as well as internal based data from SCI’s “home grown” agriculture.
  • Participate in client and consultant meetings.
  • Conduct new property launches.
  • Conduct sales and marketing communications with potential strategic partners.


Part of Southwestern Connections business model is a business opportunity in and of itself to anyone with the willingness to grow algae and other crops. We provide the client the equipment and education to grow. We also provide them the buyer for their product once quality assurance has been met. SCI simply takes a small management fee from the gross of the sale. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in the unfolding dynamic of these partnerships as we grow as a company. Interns can educate clients of future tasks in their product production as well as become consultants once clients are “on their feet”.

Partaking in such scenarios, interns learn marketing and communicative initiatives that can only be learned through a hands on entrepreneurial approach which SCI provides.


  • Currently pursuing a BA or higher in agriculture, business, marketing, or a related field
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Interest to learn in a task-oriented environment
  • Must not be afraid to get dirty
  • Critical thinking/problem solving skills
  • Excellent written communication and verbal skills


This position is solely a volunteer role with the opportunity for a paid salary position after the first phase is complete. Southwestern Connections environment is unique and a one of a kind experience for any intern. Our three company values are:

  1. We are team-mates not co-workers.
  2. We are team-mates who have integrity in all we do.
  3. In all we do, we always strive to do the right thing… principles before profits.

This culture and team building dynamic makes for a fun, vibrant work environment full of many unique and diverse opportunities.