Algae Strategies



SCI plans to utilize the Arizona State University Polytech facility at Mesa/Gateway as one of its primary strategic partnerships. The campus is less than a 20 minute drive from the proposed pilot facility site. Students on that campus actively pursue careers related to the cultivation of algae. Many of the most important breakthroughs in algae cultivation and PBR development happened there and the school continues to lead the way in algae production research. SCI will send some of its employees to the school to enroll as students and also offer employment opportunities to other currently enrolled and graduated students from that campus.

SCI will also reach out to the businesses and social media groups who support farmers, ranchers and small communities who may benefit from our opportunities. SCI is also proposing an effective and mutually beneficial way to partner with the algae research organizations and their corporate sponsors. Websites such as and other similar sites will be sought out and sourced for advertising. Small rural communities that can benefit from our opportunities will be approached through their local Chambers of Commerce.



Southwestern Connections, Inc. staff have created a project that is dedicated to the mission of providing opportunities for farmers, ranchers, land owners, small communities, and research organizations. We have developed a way to allow entry level participants to acquire the necessary equipment without the need to assume hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of start-up investment and/or debt. Our unique equipment acquisition technique is proprietary and not for dissemination without NDA and/or contract.



Algal farming always requires water, electricity, and carbon dioxide. Setting up carbon dioxide tanks and CO2 capturing technology is simple and relatively inexpensive when compared with our profit margins. Water and electricity can be problematic depending upon existing resources at a particular site, so our facilities are solar powered and use existing or new wells for its water needs.

Part of the advantage to having an SCI production facility on a property is that all the water and electrical needs for an attached residence or existing farm or ranch can be supplemented or replaced. A nearly self-sustaining production facility is just one of the unique advantages of our design. Power outages will not affect production and the facility can also double as a local emergency management resource.