Southwestern Connections, Inc. staff have created a project that is dedicated to the mission of providing opportunities for farmers, ranchers, land owners, small communities, and research organizations. SCI has a unique strategy when it comes to agricultural cultivation. When most hear the word agriculture they think crop land, planting seeds, greenhouses, etc. Everyone of these aspects is included in our wide span of services but we have a special interest in a less common but high value cash crop, algae. 

Algae biomass is currently grown for profit in many states for use in various sectors of agriculture and industry. Full scale state sponsored algae production is only 3 to 5 years away from implementation in Arizona. HB 2225 and HB 2226 have paved the way for full scale algae entrepreneurship here in Arizona. Most production development over the last 7 years was geared towards biofuel research and production. Production of algae biomass for many other commercial uses is also currently trending. Although the companies engaged in this business are not operating in the same way that the SCI business model dictates, approximate production and cash flow projections are still possible using the current market and industry metrics.

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