About Us

Over a decade ago


Over a decade ago, SCI began as an unofficial collaboration of a few extraordinary people with a common passion for a self sustaining lifestyle. Each member had their own idea of what a self sustaining lifestyle meant, however, they were all better than what society currently had to offer.

We wanted to save natural resources like water, electricity, crop land, and natural gases. We wanted to supply adequate shelter to those who couldn’t afford it. We wanted to give nutritious food to the hungry. We wanted to provide good paying jobs for those who struggled to make ends meet. Since those early years, we have accomplished every one of those collective dreams and continue to do so everyday with the help of our non-profit partners at Gold Canyon Heart and Home.



Government Officials


Military Personnel


Info Tech Specialists

Published Authors




Since then our numbers grew along side with our vision. The focus was emphasized on agriculture and cost-effective buildings as we found these to be the cornerstone of our mission. The goal was to incorporate a business model that creates revolutionary environmental and financial opportunities for those willing to help themselves and the world around them. 

The entity Southwestern Connections Inc. was officially established in 2017. Our staff include former military and government employees, entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, interns, experts in information technology, published authors, farmers, photographers, teachers, clergy, architects, and contractors. We invite you to review our website which contains information about this project. If you have relevant input or networking resources useful in this endeavor, please contact us.